Command & Control gains REAL CONTROL of police resources with Push Notifications in PoliceBox

Coeus Software Ltd., the leading provider of cloud-first, mobile workforce services for public and private sectors, has today released PoliceBox Amicite which introduces numerous new features to free up police radio communications and give Command & Control much greater management over the allocation of police resources.

  • Tasks can now be delivered directly to police officers via Push Notifications on the PoliceBox smartphone app
  • Command and Control can monitor and allocate resources more efficiently with GPS tracking of police officers
  • By allocating the majority of officer assignments via Push Notifications, police radios are freed up for high priority tasks

PoliceBox minimises voice traffic to and from the Command & Control Centre by sending non-urgent requests in digital form through the PoliceBox app, along with all the relevant accompanying information such as names, addresses, crime number etc.In addition to the introduction of Push Notifications, PoliceBox Amicite introduces numerous additional benefits in this major update:

  • Updated, clearer and more productive user interface across Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform.
  • Addition of GPS tracking data to the PoliceBox Management Portal.
  • Auto-inserting of information from other data sources to speed up tasks
  • Officer availability: Officers can mark their status as Busy, On a break, available etc. (Police forces can configure the statuses as appropriate).

The introduction of PoliceBox Amicite comes shortly after the publication of the Home Affairs Select Committee report which warned that police forces could face “irrelevancy” if they are unable to implement new technology and communications solutions at an agile pace. By leveraging proven cloud technology which already meets Home Office standards (Windows Azure), PoliceBox is well positioned to help police forces today. PoliceBox can bring organisation-wide digital transformation to police forces within a matter of weeks.

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