• “Your Place or Mine” – New white paper by PoliceBox provides analysis of cloud adoption among UK police forces
  • Paper explores how forces can leverage the cloud/SaaS to do more with less without prematurely writing off on-premise legacy systems


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Middlesbrough, 1st May 2019: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the most viable, fastest and safest route to the digitisation of police operations, according to a new whitepaper published by PoliceBox, the cloud-first mobile working platform built specifically for policing.


Ever since the publication of the government’s Cloud First policy in 2013, all public sector IT projects must leverage the cloud as their primary strategy, or provide justification when not doing so. As a result of this policy, public sector use of the cloud has skyrocketed – from 38% of public sector organisations in 2010 to 78% in 2015[1]. However, due to necessary data protection restrictions, the cloud has only been a viable solution for the police since 2017, when the major UK cloud datacentres first gained Police Approved status.


In the paper, titled “Your Place or Mine?”, PoliceBox presents the various cloud/SaaS options available to police forces today, from simply deploying Office 365 all the way up to a private cloud migration, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. The paper highlights the relative benefits and pitfalls of each approach, and demonstrates where a SaaS solution may often present the best value-for-money, flexibility and performance to forces while being the lowest risk route to digitisation.


Simon Hall, CEO of PoliceBox, comments “We created this paper in response to the most common question we receive from police customers – of all the options out there, which is the best route to digitise our processes with the least risk and disruption to our live operations?”


Hall continues With Policing Vision 2025 and digital policing very much at the forefront of senior officers’ minds, many forces are evaluating what role the cloud should play in their operations. But as many forces have learned, there are many flavours of ‘cloud’ and there are pitfalls to jumping straight into it. There are also serious practical concerns when moving critical and sensitive data, or disrupting a public-facing, operational service. Often a hybrid cloud/SaaS approach is the more effective – and altogether less risky – approach, because it lets a force stagger its migration at a manageable pace, one service at a time.”


The paper argues that SaaS offers most of the benefits of the cloud but with very few drawbacks. According to the paper, “In most instances, when you move your IT services from a self-hosted datacentre to a private cloud provider, you are still using someone else’s software e.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc. If you are building or buying a cloud infrastructure simply to run someone else’s software, why not use their hardware too? If the supplier offers it, why not adopt a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model?” (page 7, Your Place of Mine?, PoliceBox).


“It ultimately comes down to this – if you’re using someone else’s software, why not use their hardware too?” concludes Hall.


For a full copy of the white paper, visit: https://www.policebox365.com/your-place-or-mine-an-analysis-of-cloud-adoption-by-police-forces/.




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[1] https://www.cloudindustryforum.org/content/research-shows-public-sector-cloud-adoption-soaring-care-needed-when-choosing-migration